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Gutters and RWP's

We offer a variety of gutters to suit roof area, location and design of the building.

Typical examples include;

– Insulated gutters, typically fabricated from membrane and white liner with an insulated core

– Eaves and valley gutters can be fabricated from aluminium, galvanised and mild steel, stainless steel and plastisol dependant on the function and specification of the guttering system

Jointing options offered are butt joints and connectors, joggle joints, secret fix, welded and expansion joints.

Standard Rainwater Pipes supplied in aluminium, galvanised steel and stainless steel;

Diameter (mm)

– 50

– 75

– 100

– 150

– 200

The above can be supplied up to 6000mm with collars.

Rainwater accessories such as swan necks, shoes, collars, connectors, hoppers and brackets are all fabricated in materials to suit specification